Manana Japaridze

Manana Japaridze (Georgian: მანანა ჯაფარიძე; Azerbaijani: Manana Caparidze) simply known as Manana, is an Azerbaijani popular singer. She has been an Honorary Artist of Azerbaijan since 2009. Having represented Azerbaijan in many song competitions, she has won three "Grand Prix"

Born in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia. Manana first stepped on stage, at the age of 4.  She was a soloist of  a very popular children's collectives in Georgia, "Tolia" and "Chiora". Along with high school she graduated Art gymnasium of Tbilisi of vocal class.  In 1995 she entered  at the vocal department of the German filial of the Tbilisi Academy of contemporary art, jazz and show business, which she successfully completed in 2000. Even in the young years Manana  participated  in various competitions of young performers  where she  wins  the highest awards. In 1996, she became the winner of the competition of young performers "Crystal Spruce" in Borjomi (Georgia), 1997 prizewinner of the international competition of young performers  "Crystal Note" in Moscow (Russia).

In 1998, Manana arrived in Baku, where she continued  her professional  creative career. The first performance of Manana  before the Baku public  brings her great popularity and success. Natural talent, beautiful vocals, high artistry and professionalism allows her to become for a short time one of the most popular and favorite artist - the star of the Azerbaijan pop music. Since 1999, Manana with honor glorifies the music and culture of Azerbaijan, she represents Azerbaijan in various prestigious music competitions and festivals, where she  wins the highest awards and prizes. Manana is one of the few artists in the world, who is the holder of the three "Grand Prix".

These  highest honors are awarded to Manana: At International Festival "Voice of Asia" in city Alma Ata, Kazakhstan in 1999. At International festival "Slavic Bazaar" in city Kiev, Ukraine in 1999.
At Shanghai International Musical Festival in city Shanghai, China in 2000, where she was also awarded the honorary title of "Golden Voice of Asia".
In the track record Manana also got the title of laureate of the international competition of young performers «UNIVERSTALENT-2000" in city Prague, Czech Republic and at TV music competition "Shire Krug" in Moscow, Russia.
For  active creative life in Azerbaijan was Manana awarded with the National Public Prize "Humay" for  the best representation of Azerbaijan in abroad,  as well as with numerous other prizes and awards, including the repeated recognition of the "Best Female Singer of the Year" 
She was also awarded with one of the most prestigious music award  in Azerbaijan "Golden Microphone".

During her creative career  Manana has released 8 albums: 2008 Manana has been awarded the honorary title "Honored Artist of Azerbaijan."
In 2009 she  was also awarded the title of honorary citizen of Tbilisi and Marneuli (Georgia).
In 2010 she was awarded - the "Order of Honor" - on behalf of the President of Georgia.

And to this day it is she the owner of various national awards of Azerbaijan.


2000 — Sənə verdim ürəyimi (I gave you my heart)
2001 — Dözməm bu ayrılığa (I can not afford away from you)
2003 — Sevirəm səni (I love you)
2004 — Bizim sevgimiz (Our love)
2004 — Orientasian
2005 — Səndən ayrı (Away from you)
2009 — Bəxt ulduzum (Star of luck)